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Mark Jindrak

Настоящее имя: Марк Джиндрэк
Возраст: 24 года
Дата рождения:
Рост: 6 футов 5 дюймов; 195 сантиметров
Вес: 260 фунтов; 118 килограммов
Родной город: Атланта шт. Джорджия (Atlanta, GA)
Опыт: 3 года
Кумиры: Rick Rude, Hulk Hogan
Интересы и хобби: фильмы, спортивные мемуары
Спорт: средняя школа: баскетбол, бег
Спорт: колледж: баскетбол
Любимый певец: P. Diddy
Любимый актер: Denzel Washington
Любимая актриса: Charlize Theron
Любимый фильм: Rocky 4
Любимое блюдо: стейк

Ещё ребёнком вырастая на севере штата Нью Йорк, Mark Jindrak всегда предвидел своё будущее в баскетболе. Но вскоре он осознал, что его карьера в футболе будет возможна только в Европе, а поэтому ему вряд-ли удасться достичь желаемой цели.

"Я правда хотел играть в NBA," - говорит Джиндрэк, - "Но я ходил в маленькую школу, поэтому это было мало вероятно. И это было очень больно осознавать."

So after his sophomore season, Jindrak left Keuka College in Keuka Park, N.Y., and moved to Orlando to search for a new calling. He found it at Universal Studios, where WCW often taped shows.

"I met a few of the wrestlers and learned about the Power Plant," said Jindrak, referring to WCW's former training facility. "I think 22 people tried out and maybe two or three made it. I thought, 'Maybe I have something here.'"

What Jindrak has is remarkable agility for a man of his size. His ability to maneuver in the ring and perform aerial moves serve him well in WCW. But Jindrak wants to take things slowly and learn the business. Not a bad decision considering that he's been sharing the same locker room with greats such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and Chris Jericho since WWFE acquired WCW.

"It's been more than I expected," said Jindrak about WCW's transition to McMahon ownership. "Chris Jericho came over and talked to me to say …I need to relax and learn more about ring psychology," Jindrak said. "I've talked to just about everybody. I'm picking up bits and pieces."

Jindrak received a huge opportunity Monday night on RAW IS WAR as he played a role in the historic merging of ECW and WCW. He looks forward to having an increased presence in WCW by hopefully building an interesting character with assistance from the best in the business. "That's something the old WCW never helped me with," Jindrak said. "But people here ask questions and try to get to know you because they may see something in you that you don't. I think that over time someone's going to help me find a character or role in the show that can go somewhere."

Still under age 25, it appears that Jindrak has time to fine-tune his abilities and work his way toward the top. "I just turned 24 two weeks ago," he said. "I think I have a good jump on things. I think I have to progress at a good pace. It's not like I'm fighting the hands of time."

After starting his career in WCW, and holding the WCW World Tag Title, Jindrak has come to OVW to polish his game before taking the next step and trying for a spot on the WWF roster. On March 9, 2002, Jindrak scored his first OVW singles' win in an emotional Non-Title match against the current (and arrogant) OVW Champion Prototype!

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