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Музыка Misfits

Bullett 1978

2.We Are 138
4.Hollywood Babylon

Horror Business 1979

1.Horror Business 2.Teenagers From Mars 3.Children In Heat

Night Of The Living Dead 1979

1.Night Of The Living Dead
2.Where Eagles Dare
3.Rat Fink

Beware EP 1979

1.We Are 138
3.Hollywood Babylon
5.Horror Business
6.Teenagers From Mars
7.Last Caress

3 Hits From Hell 1981

1.London Dungeon
2.Horror Hotel
3.Ghouls Night Out

Walk Among Us 1982

1.20 Eyes
2.I Turned Into A Martian
3.All Hell Breaks Loose
5.Nike A Go-Go
6.Hate Breeders
7.Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?
8.Night Of The Living Dead
10.Violent World
11.Devils Whorehouse
12.Astro Zombies

Evilive 1982

1.20 Eyes
2.Night Of The Living Dead
3.Astro Zombies
4.Horror Business
5.London Dungeon
6.All Hell Breaks Loose
7.We Are 138

Earth AD / Wolf's Blood 1983

1.Earth A.D.
2.Queen Wasp
4.Death Comes Ripping
5.Green Hell
6.Mommy, Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight
7.Wolfs Blood
11.Die, Die My Darling
12.We Bite

Legacy of Brutality 1985

2. T. V. Casualty
3. Hybrid Moments
4. Spinal Remains
5. Come Back
6. Some Kinda' Hate
7. Theme For A Jackal
8. Angelfuck
9. Who Killed Marilyn?
10. Where Eagles Dare
11. She
12. Halloween
13. American Nightmare

Misfits Collection 1 1986

1. She
2. Hollywood Babylon
3. Bullet
4. Horror Business
5. Teenagers From Mars
6. Night Of The Living Dead
7. Where Eagles Dare
8. Vampira
9. I Turned Into A Martian
10. Skulls
11. London Dungeon
12. Ghouls Night Out
13. Astro Zombies
14. Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
15. Die, Die My Darling
16. Earth A.D.
17. Devilock
18. Death Comes Ripping
19. Green Hell
20. Wolfsblood

Evilive 1987

(Creepy Church)
2.Abominable Dr. Phibes
3.American Psycho
4.Walk Among Us
5.The Hunger
6.From Hell They Came
7.Speak Of The Devil
8.Last Caress
9.Dig Up Her Bones
10.American Nightmare
11.Day Of The Dead
12.Hate The Living, Love The Dead
14.Don't Open 'Til Doomsday
15.This Island Earth
16.Where Eagles Dare
19.The Haunting
20.Die Die My Darling

Misfits Collection 2 1995

1.We are 138
4.Last caress
5.Return of the fly
6.Children in heat
7.Rat fink
8.Horror Hotel
10.Halloween II
11.Hate breeders
13.Nike A go go
14.Devil's Whorehouse
15.Mephisto Waltz
16.We bite
17.Queen wasp

Static Age 1997

01 .Static Age
02 .T.V. Casualty
03 .Some Kinda Hate
04 .Last Caress
05 .Return of the Fly
06 .Hybrid Moments
07 .We Are 138
08 .Teenagers From Mars
09 .Come Back
10 .Angelfuck
11 .Hollywood Babylon
12 .Attitude
13 .Bullet
14 .Theme for a Jackal
15 .She
16 .Spinal Remains
17 .In the Doorway

American Psycho 1997

1.Abominable Dr. Phibes
2.American Psycho
3.Speak Of the Devil
4.Walk Among Us
5.The Hunger
6.From Hell They Came
7.Dig Up Her Bones
10.This Island Earth
11.Crimson Ghost
12.Day Of The Dead
13.The Haunting
14.Mars Attacks
15.Hate The Living, Love The Dead
17.Don't Open Til Doomsday
19.Dead Kings Rise

Famous Monsters 1999

1.Kong At The Gates
2.The Forbidden Zone
3.Lost In Space
4.Dust To Dust
5.Crawling Eye
6.Witch Hunt
8.Saturday Night
9.Pumpkin Head
10.Scarecrow Man
11.Die Monster Die
12.Living Hell
13.Descending Angel
15.Fiend Club
16.Hunting Humans
18.Kong Unleashed

Cuts From The Crypt 2001

1.Dead Kings Rise (demo)
2.Blacklight (demo)
3.Haunting, The (demo)
4.Hunger, The (demo)
5.Mars Attacks (demo)
6.Dr. Phibes Rises Again (demo)
7.I Got A Right
8.Monster Mash
9.I Wanna Be A NY Ranger
10.Scream (demo)
11.1,000,000 Years B.C.
12.Helena 2
13.Devil Doll
14.Fiend Without A Face
16.No More Moments
17.Rise Above (live)

12 Hits From Hell 2002

3.I Turned Into A Martian
5.London Dungeon
6.Night Of The Living Dead
7.Ghouls Night Out
8.Astro Zombies
9.Horror Hotel
10.Where Eagles Dare
11.Violent World
12.Halloween II
13.London Dungeon (Alternate Take)

Project 1950

01 .This Magic Moment
02 .Dream Lover
03 .Diana
04 .Donna
05 .Great Balls of Fire
06 .Latest Flame
07 .Monster Mash
08 .Only Make Believe
09 .Runaway
10 .You Belong to Me
11 .This Magic Moment
12 .Dream Lover
13 .Diana
14 .Donna
15 .Runaway
16 .Day the Earth Caught Fire
17 .The Haunting/Don't Open 'Till Doomsday
18 .Day the Earth Caught Fire
19 .The Haunting/Don't Open 'Till Doomsday
20 .Out of the Blue


Cough/Cool (1977)
Night of the Living Dead (1979)
Who Killed Marilyn? (1981)
Halloween (1981)
Die, Die My Darling (1984)

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